E-Document And E-Book Expenses And Earnings Utilizing Scribd

Here is a monetary analysis for self-publishers of exactly what is associated with offering an e-document and e-book utilizing Scribd. This analysis will reveal you just how much cash you will get for each book that you offer on Scribd's site. This will likewise assist you comprehend how Scribd takes their cut of your e-document's and e-book's cover cost, and exactly what cash you wind up getting.

An e-document is merely a brief PDF file which contains info that you wish to share. An e-book, in this example, is a complete book formatted as a PDF. Both are essentially the very same kind of electronic publication - simply one is extremely brief, and the other is a book. Technically, they are both PDF files. The terms "e-document" and "e-book" are merely generic terms for "electronic publication". As a self-publisher, you will be offering your eBook in the "PDF format", and in the "epub format". However at this minute, Scribd will just offer your publications in the PDF format. Scribd is thought about to be an "electronic file sharing service". Other sites, such as SmashWords and BookBaby can manage your electronic publications in the epub format. These 2 websites are thought about "ebook circulation services".

The file and book in this analysis are real publications that my business releases. I chose 2 publications that are various in size, page count, and cover cost. This analysis does not consider other expenditures for these books, such as for marketing, composing, marketing, and so on. Likewise, this analysis does not take into consideration other income sources that can be stemmed from these publications.

Publication 1 Zombie Notes Study Guides

- ISBN: 978-1-933230-36-8 e-book
- Title: Zombie Notes: ACLS Certification Exam Prep.
- Pages: 2
- Size: 11.0" x 8.5"
- Cover rate (set by me): $4.99.
- Consignment charge (set by Scribd): 20%.
[$ 4.99 x 0.20 = $1.00]- Amount I receive from each Scribd sale: $3.99.
[$ 4.99 - $1.00 = $3.99]- Transaction charge (set by Scribd): $0.25.
- Net publisher payment.
( the last quantity that I receive from Scribd): $3.74.
[$ 3.99 - $0.25 = $3.74]- I wind up with 75% of the cover rate.
[$ 3.74/ $4.99] = 0.749 = 75%.

Publication 2 The Science of Getting Rich.

- ISBN: 978-1-933230-23-8 e-book.
- Title: The Art of Getting Rich.
- Pages: 144.
- Size: 8.5" x 5.5".
- Cover cost (set by me): $6.99.
- Consignment charge (set by Scribd): 20%.
[$ 6.99 x 0.20 = $1.40]- Amount I obtain from each Scribd sale: $5.59.
[$ 6.99 - $1.40 = $5.59]- Transaction cost (Scribd charge): $0.25.
- Net publisher payment.
( the last quantity that I obtain from Scribd): $5.34.
[$ 5.59 - $0.25 = $5.34]- I wind up with 76% of the cover cost.
[$ 5.34/ $6.99] = 0.764 = 76%.

This short article was initially released on my Kunz On Publishing blog site about all elements of self-publishing.


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