Birth Issues - How They Start and How to Recover

How comfortable are you in this world of yours? Do you have more than brimming self-confidence, living life with the mindset that possibilities and capacities are infinite? You might be self-assured in particular situations, but not in others. Still yet, you may appear self-assured due to the fact that you have actually established the ability to move through your worry. Or, you may be so frightened of life that you can barely look people in the eye.
With self-confidence that comes from within, you provide a powerful image to the world. You understand you have presents and skills individuals delight in. Others may even gravitate to you. You understand you will be accepted into any arena you choose to get in. And if, on the unusual event people don't accept you, you get rid of their rejection with little difficulty and carry on to a more welcoming group. Self-confidence is all about being comfy in your very own skin and, therefore, comfy in the world.

Are you now stating, "I desire that!"

How sure of oneself you are and how comfy you are in your environment began in your first house, your birthmother's womb.

As a practitioner of hypnotherapy, and one who has experienced recovery through hypnotherapy, I am continuously awed by the number of life's problems begin in those first few months of life, from conception to birth. Comfortableness in your skin and expectation of acceptance can be among those "womb problems."

Here is a typical pattern of what is found in a hypnotherapy session in which somebody's absence of self-esteem originated through birth problems. You, the darling little zygote, quickly moving into embryo phase, are drifting gladly taking terrific delight in what you are experiencing. The heat and coziness of the womb is wonderful and the stable "thub ... thub ... thub" of your mom's heart beat is soothing.

Suddenly, "Oooooh ... myyyyy ... God! I believe I'm pregnant!" The energy of strong emotion assaults you. And this is not the emotion of pleasure. It is the feeling of pure horror.

Suddenly your pleasure is gone. You have not done anything however simply be there. The most important person in your life is not thrilled you are present. She is horrified you are there. You take on your mom's horror that you exist.

No matter what happens later, as in Mommy adjusting and moring than happy and thrilled you are on your way, you have been inscribed with the energy of the message, "You are undesirable." "You are a problem just being."

This message can penetrate every area of your life. You might have been a "clingy" kid since you felt risky anywhere however with your mom or daddy, and you weren't sure about them. New experiences, a babysitter, going to pre-school, joining sports' groups or Scouts, was scary. They still may be.

At the other severe, you might have kept to yourself, avoiding interacting with people. You might have kept your fear at bay by hiding in your room. Perhaps you still do. However, you might have swallowed your fear and moved into the world deceiving everyone however yourself, horrified "they" will discover the dreadful reality about you.

There is no reason to stay in such discomfort the rest of your life.

If you want to take just two minutes before you sleep for the next 9 months, you can start to genuinely recover the pain of sensation unaccepted. Your confidence will grow.


Become pregnant with yourself.

Yes, even you people out there. Conceive with yourself.

Let today be your conception date. Mark 9 months from today on your calendar as your "birth date."

Imagine you are pregnant with yourself. You are carrying in your womb, or "womb" for the people, your infinitesimal self. Every night before you falling asleep, position your turn over your womb, or "womb," and state, "I'm so thankful you are here." Send love to yourself. Ask God, Spirit, your Greater Power, to fill this growing little person (utilize your name) with all the love needed that day. Ask that this love, which is coming from your hands into the establishing you, get rid of all injuries that happened from any thoughts, sensations or occasions encountered on the planet. Send loving energy for 2 whole entire minutes. It may appear longer, but it truly is just 120 seconds.

If you do this every day for 9 months, you will be sending yourself caring recovery energy and re-programming those messages of being unwanted, declined.


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